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Geo Oceans Provides ROV Support for Subsea Pipeline Construction in South Pacific

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Geo Oceans has recently demobilised ROV teams and equipment after successfully providing two months of continuous ROV support for a large subsea pipeline construction and maintenance project in the South Pacific. Geo Oceans worked closely with several subsea and marine construction companies to deliver a complex scope in a safe and efficient manner.

We provided ROV visual inspection, survey and light intervention tasks throughout the project operating from survey vessels and the pipe lay barge depending on tasks.
Our ROV support activities included:

  • pipeline touchdown monitoring and position surveys
  • anchor position surveys
  • providing live subsea visual feeds and position to crane and winch operators
  • manually releasing crane lifting lines during pipe stabilisation activities
  • pipeline inspections
  • pump intake inspections
  • monitoring pigging operations
  • a bulk load wharf inspection

Having our ROV team on hand during the project provided both the proponent and construction contractors with a valuable subsea data collection tool at all times. Rapid turnaround of inspection and monitoring data during pigging operations allowed for timely review of results and decision making by the proponent.
The project has highlighted Geo Oceans ability to resource and execute long term ROV support projects in a flexible, reliable, and cost efficient manner.