Vessel Hull In-Water Survey (UWILD)

Geo Oceans completed a full in-water vessel (Lloyds Register) class diverless survey of an active FPSO facility, using only mini- ROVs.

The entire survey was completed by a three-man ROV team working from one control room on the FPSO. The survey was completed at a fraction of the cost and risk of traditional diver surveys and caused no delays, no isolations and had minimal impact on the facility operations.
The ROV surveyed nine mooring legs (to 100 m water depth), 100% of the vessel hull, 38 penetrations, two active caissons and a 500 m2 section of hull that had not been inspected during two previous UWILD diving campaigns (over 10 years) because the area was too dangerous for divers to access. Click here to find out more.

Latest News

Woodside Awards 2017 - Asset ROV deployed advanced NDT techniques on critical FPSO RTM subsea infrastructure

Vertech were nominated as finalist for the Woodside Awards in the category of Innovation for the successful execution of a very challenging asset deployed subsea inspection scope.   This project was an industry first for deploying advanced NDT techniques using observation class ROV’s from an FPSO in challenging weather and sea...

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Asset Deployed ROV Advanced NDT Workshop - Subsea Energy Australia Lunch and Learn Sessions

The Australian oil and gas industry faces some unique challenges with costs and inspection requirements to stay competitive with the global markets. The two largest floating production facilities in the world, Shell Prelude FLNG and INPEX Ichthys FPSO, have just arrived in Australian waters with some unique inspection challenges.   Vertech...

Friday 13th October 2017