Marine Habitat Mapping & Monitoring

The GO Visions™ technology has enabled Geo Oceans to set new standards in survey efficiency and data quality by performing a range of real-time data analysis and processing tasks in the field.

These improvements allow for the collection of larger quantities of higher quality processed data and creation of fine-scale habitat maps across large spatial areas far more accurately and time and cost efficiently than previously possible. The data can be collated with other habitat and bathymetry data to model and map the distribution of the marine habitats. The maps can be used to quantify the spatial area of the marine habitats and to monitor whether the distribution changes over time.

The GO Visions™ technology is used for quantitative assessments of percent cover and abundance to detect fine-scale changes within habitats, even those with sparse and patchy biota.

The GO Visions™ software processes semi-quantitative data in real-time to help guide decisions in the field and to check the data are suitable for the survey requirements. Back in the office we then analyse the data to generate quantitative statistics and reporting in an efficient manner.
The GO Visions™ technology has been successfully used to monitor marine habitats using transect, tagged coral and modelling methods on some of the world’s largest development projects.

Improve statistical power with GO Visions:

  • Real-time statistical data processing to check the data meets pre-defined conditions
  • Production of fine-scale habitat maps (in real-time) to assist site selection
  • Reduce variance between replicates
  • Lower cost per sample means more replicates can be collected
  • High spatial accuracy improves repeatability
  • Operable in extreme conditions so exposed sites are not excluded
  • Stereo images allows accurate size measurements
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