Subsea Construction & Decommissioning Support

Our subsea survey and inspections capabilities are extremely cost effective solutions to support subsea construction and decommissioning projects.

We have delivered ROV and survey support for projects including subsea pipeline installations, pipe touchdown, stabilisation and pipe removal operations, bathymetric and marine habitat surveys.

We can address both environmental and engineering related survey requirements in the same campaigns reducing time and cost for clients.  

Our vLBV300 and vLBV950 ROV systems can be operated from construction barges removing the need for additional DP vessels and reducing the need for commercial diving.


  • Pipeline touchdown monitoring
  • Pipeline route surveys
  • Stabilisation ballast touchdown monitoring
  • Light grabber intervention (e.g. releasing lifting line shackles, attaching retrieving lines)
  • Ad hoc subsea asset inspections throughout construction
  • Pipeline pigging discharge monitoring
  • Monitoring diver or work class ROV operations
  • As-built surveys (with surveyor)
Latest News

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Wednesday 5th June 2019

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Wednesday 5th June 2019