We are one of world's leading service providers using innovative small ROV technology and have won several national subsea technology awards for the development of state-of-the-art subsea technology.

We research and develop new technology, particularly subsea tools that can help us improve the accuracy of our data and extend the operational limits and service capabilities of small ROVs and towed camera systems. The tools include visual and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection sensors, cleaning tools and manipulators to control the sensors and stabilise the ROV to the structure.

The Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS)

The Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS) is used to remotely perform subsea operations in the challenging offshore environment. The small ROV technology is designed to outperform divers, manned and larger ROV systems for a fraction of the cost. The equipment is designed for simple and efficient integration, replacement and repair to maximize the time the ROV is in the water. The Mini-ROV CSS consists of advanced NDT, sensors, cleaning and tooling technology that are controlled by manipulators to give the pilots a level of dexterity and control previously not available on mini-ROVs.
Contact us for the Mini-ROV CSS Technical note.

Go Visions Technology

Geo Oceans specialise in the development and application of diverless marine habitat mapping and monitoring technology, and are recognised as one of the leading service providers in this field. Geo Oceans has developed the GO Visions™ Habitat Assessment Technology which facilitates rapid and real-time data acquisition and processing during towed camera and ROV surveys.     


Latest News

National Reconciliation Week | Strengthening Bonds

As part of National reconciliation week Vertech Group were proud and humbled to welcome a local elder to present a traditional welcome to country, host a smoking ceremony and introduce the Koolangkas Kreate dance group in support of strengthening relationships and our bond between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and our...

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Change of Ownership for Vertech Group

Vertech Group and Sonomatic over the years have collaboratively delivered complex and specialised projects across the Asia pacific. As an evolution of this partnership Vertech Group and Sonomatic become part of the same family with Sonomatic’s parent company acquiring a majority shareholding in Vertech group which incorporates Vertech, GeoOceans and Vertech New Zealand...

Wednesday 5th June 2019